Sunday, October 2, 2016


Dear Sojourner,

Before we are in the thick of this journey, we need to establish one thing:

                                                                    You have permission.

You have permission to BREATHE. Stop and think about your words before they spill across the page. Breathe deep the smell of leaves laying to rest upon a verdant lawn. Expel the haste. Breathe in the aroma of coffee. Breathe out the stress, the expectation, the fear. Just breathe.

You have permission to TRY. Write that alternate scene with all your main characters as rabbits, either verbal or not. Visit that new spot with all the uncertainties of parking and beverages. Tap into the hurts and the pains, letting light illuminate the darkness. Despite what Yoda thinks, you do get to try.

You have permission to FAIL. Miss a day and the world will not end. Create a lousy graphic, they will not crucify you. Argle your bargle and misspell the words. If a Jabberwocky can exist from a jumble of nonsense and still convey a message, you need not worry.

Lastly, you have permission to SCREW UP and STILL BE LOVED. Yes, you. Your works do not determine the measure of your worth. We see the fullness of your being and everything has a place. Not a hair out of place is ugly or unexpected. No mistake is unworthy or useless.

 All has worth. All has belonging. All has love.

Remember, we are with you as you walk into the unknown. You are not alone.

Truly Yours,


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