Write 31 Days

October has dawned and with it comes the annual writers' challenge of #write31days. This challenge was originally created by the Nester as a way for bloggers to connect and support one another's content. The tradition continues this year, having grown to several hundred creatives unleashing their hearts in their own personal spaces to share and be known.

My own heart is crying out to create but is limited in its freedom. Maybe you know the struggle.  As creatives, Fear, Sadness, Anger and Disgust cause us to stumble, often capturing our intentions and keeping us bound. While the common reaction to these captors is to battle or interrogate, victories won are short lived. The opposition returns, sometimes stronger than before, our mind weakened, our hearts defeated.

Well, I'm done being exhausted from a pointless fight.  Over the next 31 days, I'm sitting down with these four constant companions and confronting the myths that withhold me from creating and embracing truths that come from Joy. I welcome you to journey with me. May we learn together.

If you would like to add your own voice to the challenge, head over to Write 31 Days and link up before the linky closes on Oct. 5. You can also check out all the other series while you're there.


1- Introduction

2- Permission

3- Meet My Companions

4- A Conversation with Sadness

5- Fear Chimes In

6 & 7- Sparks Fly

8- A Curious State of Strange 

9- Myths Dispelled

10- Being Alone

11- Selah

12- Facing A Schoolyard Bully

13- Fear Panics

14 & 15- A Dark Illusion

16- Paralyzing Fear

17- Fear Knocks: A Poem

18- When Our Silence Awakens Anger

19- Selah: The Practice of Grace

20- Face It! The Scenario Is Analyzed (Finally)

21- Embrace Yourself

22 & 23- Qualified

24- Disgust Exposed

25- To Be Vulnerable or Not?

26- Just Do It

27- A Broken Image

28- You Fool!

29 & 30- Slow is Okay

31- Wrap Up

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