Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Fear Knocks

A word before you begin: The fear below is not the personified aspect I have spoken of before, but rather the general fear we all welcome and hold in our souls. Those fears once served a purpose, but no more. 

Fear knocks.
Fear waits.

You peek outside.
A light illuminates the face:
twitchy, friendly, small.

"Hello and welcome," you call.

Fear walks in
and stays

Warns like a loyal Labrador
Pointing out danger
"There, there and there!"
Gratitude flows
"Stay longer,"
 you say.

Fear smiles
and grows.

Opportunity, Creativity and Inspiration
knock at the door.
"Don't, don't, DON'T!"
Fear shrieks, falling to the floor.
"Don't answer, don't! Don't let them in!
"Beware! Don't dare! They are not kin."

Confused, torn, 
you stop
and stare as figures disappear
down the walk
away, away, away
into the dark. 

The loss
the gain
are measured like grain.

A question, drops:
"By letting in fear,
have I bargained to remain?
Can I stay besieged?
Who bears the blame?"

The scale dips 
Pack up the belongings,
part on good terms.
Fear's outstayed its welcome
All my love."

Fear walks
away, away, away
into the dark.

Then, one night,
a knock.

Fear waits
once more.

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