Monday, October 3, 2016

Meet My Companions

As I was thinking through the reasons (nay, excuses) I give to not write, I began to think of the characters from Inside Out. Sadness, Fear, Anger and Disgust seemed to easily embody those excuses, while Joy seemed to represent the enthusiasm of inspiration. Instead of simply using images from the Pixar hit, I decided to sketch those emotions to illustrate these different aspects of my internal conflict.

Say hello to my little friends! AKA. My psyche laid bare.

Five parts that represent the whole me and wow how accurate they are.

Sadness is exceedingly sad, wrapping up in a blanket of sorrow and separating herself from the others by sitting on the floor. She doesn't want to be completely alone, so she leans in close to the group.

Fear seems unsure about the other two on the couch, huddling closer to Sadness. She seems to be trying to make herself smaller so the others won't notice.

Anger is dominant. She takes up the most room on the couch and is ready to fight, obviously not wanting to be touched.

Disgust is all business and intellect, selecting clothes that appear both modest and proper. She seems to say, "I'm not with them," as she examines her neat manicure.

Then there is Joy. Out of the five, she is the smallest in size. She sits apart from the others in a world completely of her own making. She doesn't see the others because her eyes are closed. I imagine her saying, "Tra la la la la," humming to herself and imagining she's in a field of flowers with sunshine.

For the rest of this series, these five will become flesh and blood, figuratively speaking. I will speak to them as if they were sitting across from me and we will become more familiar with each other. What do they fear and how do they influence my creative decisions? These are my companions and we're about to get down to the nitty gritty.

Join me tomorrow as I interview Sadness. Sympathy blanket not required but certainly appreciated.

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