Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Fear Chimes In

The bedroom door flies open and we both turn to see Fear emerge in a frenzy, near hyperventilating. "What do you think you're doing!?"

She storms over to Sadness, her diminutive form puffing from outrage. I've never seen her so agitated. Fear has a habit of keeping herself out of everyone's way. She is so concerned about others, she rarely argues. To see her in such a flurry sets me on edge.

"Don't tell her anything, Sadness! You don't know what she'll do!" Fear screeches.

At her tone, Sadness recoils into the confines of her cushy cave, a bad puppy outcast to her dog house. My heart twists at her quick submission and something breaks loose within me as I stare at my huffing aspect. Fear... Fear is a bully.

This weak, demure aspect who has so often whispered words of doubt into my ear as I sat between her and Sadness has manipulated me fror her own benefit. She keeps me on the couch, inactive and alone. She feeds me morsels of hope only to have them snatched away when her paranoia cries, "Poison!" And I've let her, just as Sadness is, huddling in the darkness of her comforter.

My hands clench on the mug, forgotten in my hands. I was going to dismiss Fear as worried and distrustful, all to protect me, but seeing her fly into action over the suggestion--the mere suggestion-- of a truth being revealed, snaps those preconceived notions into shredded mulch.

I unfold myself from the couch and pull myself to full height. "And what is it you think I will do, Fear? Get rid of you, because right about now, that is looking to be like a very promising alternative to your whimpering presence."

"Oh, I like her," smirks a voice from behind me.

I turn, my annoyance crackling off me like lightning, Fear trembling at who I find leaning against the front door's entry. Anger has just gotten home and she looks ready for a challenge.

Tomorrow, Anger joins the fray. Join me to see how the conversation goes.

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