Friday, October 14, 2016

Fear Panics

"Fight?! What do you mean "fight"? I can't fight!" Fear screeched, hyperventilating. Anger huffed off the couch and returned with a brown paper bag which Fear promptly began breathing into.

I rolled my eyes and focused on Sadness, examining her face. Light had returned to her eyes and no tears welled., but I could sense a hesitancy in her still. "What is it?" I asked.

Sadness looked deep into a mug of hot cocoa Disgust had given her after her tears had subsided. "I'm not very strong. How will I be able to fight off those thoughts?"

"Simple," Anger interjected. "You've got us."

Joy nodded, smiling. "You don't need to be alone when things get hard."

"But... Myths..." Sadness whispered, glancing quickly to the corner where I had last seen him.

"Myths evolves," Joy explained, hugging an arm around Sadness's shoulders. "His purpose is for us to have our fears embodied so we can better face them. You're doing that."

Sadness's head dipped a bit in response. "Oh. Okay," she murmured, hands clenching a bit tighter on the mug.

"It's okay if you're still unsure," I said, knowing what Joy had left unsaid. Myths evolves, which means one fear will replace another. It's a cycle but one that doesn't need to be quite so daunting.

"Easy for you to say!" squealed Fear, shooting me with a daggered glance. "You don't have to face them!"

"What? Wait. Yes, I do. You're in my head, so yes."

Fear straightens, crossing her arms. "So? It's not the same," she scowls, indignant to my assumption.

I push back from Sadness, unfolding my legs and stretching them out in front of me, leaning back on my arms. Casual, I need to look casual and not defensive. I see Anger's sly grin in my peripheral. She knows my annoyance has peaked at Fear's outburst. I resist the urge to stick my tongue out at her and instead look up at Fear huddled in the opposite corner of the couch. "So, what are you afraid of Fear?"

She goes very still, her gaze fixed on a point in front of her. "Being disillusioned," she whispers.


Join me tomorrow for the break down.

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