Sunday, October 9, 2016

Myths Dispelled

I start, hiding behind Joy. "Wh-What is that?! Where did he come from?"

Photo Credit: Tiffany
Joy laughs, pulling me forward and wrapping an arm around my shoulder. "That's Myths. You wouldn't notice him because he doesn't want to be seen." She pauses, taking an offered cup from Disgust, before moving across the room to stand beside the creature. He smiles a bit brighter.

"Myths represents each aspect's biggest trepidation."

Oblivious to our conversation, Anger huffs up to me, disrupting my focus on Myths. "Would you mind?"

I sigh, bending over and lifting Sadness to a standing position. She remains sniffling next to me as I look back to Joy. Myths is gone!

"Where'd he go?"

Joy smiles. "He's still here. Remember he doesn't want to be seen and you don't want to see him, so he stays invisible."

I look between her and the space where Myths had stood awkwardly a moment before. "Can you see him?"

"Of course! I have no fears."

I roll my eyes. "Of course not," I mutter. I look around and notice Fear has become quiet, Anger leaning solemnly against the bedroom door jamb. Disgust has returned from the kitchen and draped an arm around Sadness at my side, but none of them look towards Joy. "That doesn't explain why the others became so upset or why they won't look at you now."

Joy walks to the couch and sits down, pulling her feet up under her. She pats the seat next to her, welcoming me and the others to join. The others slowly make there way towards her, but I remain standing.

"Mentioning Myths makes the others uncomfortable. Imagine if there was a spider in the room. If it's small, you're okay to leave it where it lounges, giving it space but keeping track that it never crosses that invisible boundary." Sadness cuddles up to Joy who offers a tissue to dry her eyes.

"But if the spider is large and imposing, you might become paralyzed. You might flee the room, shutting the door or you might smash it with a frying pan. Myths is the embodiment of our fears. We don't want to face them."

"Ahem," Anger coughs, shooting Joy a scathing look.

"Except Anger. She knows Myths exists and fights his affects."

 I nod, understanding blooming. "That explains why she was so calm while the others..."

"Went bat shit crazy?" Anger quips, grinning. I sigh, always the virtue of truth.

Joy frowns slightly, displeased at Anger's choice of words. "Yes. We-- they-- go all squirmy when presented with their fear."

"Okay... but what do they fear?"

A collective silence descends on the assembly.

Sadness stirs next to Joy, wiping away a tear she looks into my eyes and confesses, "Being alone."

Join me tomorrow as I explore how Sadness's fear manifests in my life.

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