Saturday, March 5, 2016

Sparks of Joy: February Edition

Originally, this post was going to appear in tandem with Modern Mrs Darcy's post regarding the things saving her during this winter season. Unfortunately, time was not on my side. By the time I sat down to write the post, it was a week late. The opportunity had passed.

But the idea stayed with me. "What is saving me right now?"

I took it a step further and threw in Marie Kondo's concept of analyzing the clutter of my life by asking "Does this _______ bring me joy?"

In an effort to continue to meet my resolution to MOVE this year, I have been taking stock of the things that are bringing me life and eliminating those that are inciting guilt and shame. So, in lieu of a favorites list, I give you a collection of items from this past month that have filled my soul; the silly, small and serious alike.


1) Tea.

Whether it's in the morning to energize my day and eliminate the bedhead cobwebs, or at the end of a stressful day at work, tea is my elixir of life.

This current season's faves are a light, green tea (Teavana's Emperors Clouds and Mists) or a robust black tea (Adagio's Irish Breakfast) with a dash of beet rock sugar.

I like big cups and I cannot lie...

2) Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson

If you haven't picked up this hilariously dark memoir, stop what you're doing and go get on your library's hold list. I laughed so loudly and hysterically at points during this book, my husband would come into the bedroom to check if I was okay. I loved it and cannot wait to pick up her first memoir.

But a caution to this tale. If you aren't a fan of dark humor or are put off by curse words, this is not for you. If, however, you have been through some rough spots yourself and need a laugh by someone who understands, then get off your tush and buy this sucker!

3) Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

Three words: Permission. To. Create. Life-giving, soul-reviving permission to be you. Highly recommend.

4) Doctor Who

I was dubious when I started the series that I would even like this strange, sci-fi fandom. Two doctors in I was solidly hooked and can easily say that my favorite doctor is David Tennant. His exit gave me all the feels.

Being both ridiculous and a great commentary on life, this is my new favorite show.

Now if only it would come back to Hulu...

5) Friend dates

Nothing brings me more joy than connecting with friends in pjs, drinking wine/coffee/tea and detailing the woes of exercise (Shout out to my friend Katie). Good friends and great conversation are so satisfying.

6) Snow Days

There are definitely perks to tutoring elementary kids and the biggest one is enjoying the freedom of a day unplanned. Yay for snow!

7) Coloring

I've rediscovered my love of coloring this month while working on my Enchanted Forest coloring book. Accompanied by a good audio book or podcast (Sawbones is a new favorite), this has been one of my favorite ways to spend the weekend hours.

What were some sparks of joy that brightened your February?

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