Friday, September 27, 2013

What I Learned in September

Today I'm linking up with Emily at Chatting at the Sky to share what I learned in September. Listed below, in no particular order, are my revelations, from the silly to serious.

1.) Eight hour shifts working at the mall end in silliness. Today was no different. We played Motown music at the end of my shift To cap off the night, I serenaded my coworkers  with "Stand By Me" and grooved to "My Girl". Worth every moment even if you get strange looks from customers.

Mayhem back to sleep within 10 minutes of me getting out of bed.
2.) My two cats substitute as an alarm clock on my days off. It never fails that on the time I don't set an alarm and determine to sleep in, Mayhem and Milton (my adorable early risers) make enough racket to raise me from my slumber. Then, once I'm awake (with coffee in grasped in hand), they drift off to sleep.

Pictured to the left is one of the culprits. Innocent, right?

3.) Everyone has problems. This is so simple but it's hard to believe when put into practice. Once a month, my husband and I attend a young couples fellowship. This month we had our pastor and his wife join us and share 25 years of marital wisdom. The night before the fellowship I told my husband I wasn't looking forward to it because we certainly aren't perfect in our marriage and hearing about theirs would surely put ours in a bleak contrast. Surprisingly (or not), they have had struggles of their own and growth that was needed too. It was such a good reminder not to compare my "behind the scenes with their highlight reel" (quoted from Steve Furtick of Elevation Church).

4.) You can be injured playing the Wii. Truth. My husband and I were playing the Wii one night and the next day, the pad of my hand by my thumb ached. We played Boom Blox, friends, not a very intense game. It's kinda like Jenga for the Wii except you get points for the blocks you knock off. Ever since the second game we've played, I have heard a popping followed by intense pain. No medical advise has been sought yet, but soon my friends, very soon.

5.) Fall is my favorite season. For years, I've said that winter was my favorite primarily because I was born in December and Christmas is my favorite holiday. But this year, as the stores switched over to scarves and boots, and cafes sported their new fall flavors, I found myself soaking in the comfort of the season. Fall has come to mean a season of new beginnings, new relationships and a time to connect. There is both an excitement and a comfort that fall brings. I welcome it this with open arms and grab it close because I know that the cool breezes and warm days will disappear all too quickly into Ohio winter.

6.) I can make GOOD coffee! The trick? Get good coffee and the rest is history. So simple.

7.) During the month of October, bloggers accept a challenge to write on one subject for 31 days. I have yet to decide whether to accept this challenge. Honestly, I'm a bit intimidated and feel like I'm totally unprepared. My husband had a word of wisdom: Why don't you figure it out as you go along? After all, your first year doesn't have to be perfect after all right? Still deciding but I think it's a great idea. If you're interested in joining the challenge, read more about it here

Comment below and share some of what you've learned this month.


  1. I also have an alarm clock cat!

    You are right, no marriage is perfect, but a marriage doesn't have to be perfect to be a great marriage! Celebrating 30 years with my husband in November, so thankful God brought us together.

    Enjoyed your September lessons shared at Emily's....

    1. Happy early anniversary!

      And such a good way to put it. Marriage doesn't have to be perfect to be a great marriage. I'm going to tuck that one away. We just celebrated our second anniversary in July so I'm still learning a lot. :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Fall is my favorite season too. I am pondering joining the 31 days as well. I have nothing prepared ahead like many do but am thinking about just going for it. Maybe I will see you there : )

  3. Love that behind the scenes quote, so true!

  4. This is my second year of the 31 Day Challenge of blogging every day. Last year I had NO IDEA what I wanted to write about, so I just challenged myself to write every day by picking a one-word topic each day to base my writing. Journaling prompts, if you will. I learned a lot about myself, so maybe you'll find something similar. This year I'm writing about my hometown of Nashville, so it's a little more specific but still challenging.

    In September I learned that I love to connect with people when I teach, and I am passionate about educating people.

    1. Thanks for the advise! I had thought about doing something similar to writing a prompt each day. I have Julia Cameron's The Right to Write and in each section she has a challenge. I have considered doing that idea but also have a topic which might be appropriate for what I'm learning in life right now. It's so hard to decide!

      But I'm really excited to be following along with some 31 Day Challenges. If I don't write, I will at least be joining in by reading.

  5. My cat does the same thing except he thinks it is his duty to actually walk all over my husband and I at about 5am. He could care less if it's Saturday or Then he goes and sleeps for half the day. I also LOVE fall!!

  6. My sister in law dislocated her knee playing wii! It was Christmas or Thanksgiving and she had to sit in the ER all day. I should find the picture to share (or not!) it was so gross! Also, it is a huge blessing to know that everyone has their marriage problems, right? Our pastor always says, "We have been married for 30 years, 25 of them happily!" I love that. He knows that sometimes, in spite of our love for our spouses, there are definitely times where we are truly unhappy. It happens! It's what we do with that unhappiness that really sets our marriages apart, you know?


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